ACOPOWER 150W 40,800mAh Portable Generator

ACOPOWER 150Wh 40,800mAh Portable Generator Review

The ACOPOWER 150W 40,800mAh Portable Generator is a wonderful source of backup power that customers are looking for, due to the amazing features that it comes with. It is safe to use and can be used in residences as well as in outdoor areas to satisfy varied power needs.

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Product Features

It is versatile, and includes an additional cigarette lighter socket, 3 DC port, 2 USB port and 2 AC outlets. It can match varied power requirements, and you can use it in almost any area – whether at home or in cars, campsites and picnic spots.

Huge Battery

It has a high battery capacity of 40,800 mAh, and has enough power to charge mini-refrigerator, TVs, tablets, laptops, lamps, smartphones and more. Its sophisticated LED display shows useful info about power consumption status, control of the device and more. The in-built LED light panel is very bright, and has been designed to offer emergency SOS light, camp, room, outdoor illumination and more.

Battery Manager

The ACOPOWER Battery Management System (BMS) boosts the usage of the battery, and can prevent over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current and more. When you are not using the device, the battery locks itself and a wall adapter can be used for charging the battery. It can be recharged in 3 ways, through solar panels, home AC and car cigarette socket.

Buying Recommendation


  • The generator runs without using gas power, and no exhaust fumes are produced. With zero-emissions, it is very eco-friendly in form.
  • It is slim and compact in form, and you can carry it easily from home to camp sites, picnic spots, wilderness and other areas.
  • It runs noiselessly. If you live in a congested area with neighbors living close by the backup power unit can be a great choice.
  • The 40800mAh battery is superior, and the Battery Management System (BMS) ensures that all types of electronic devices and appliances can be powered and charged without overload issues. The battery can last for a long time and comes with high temperature resistance.


  • It is slow to charge, and takes a long time – about 7 – 8 hours – to be powered back again.

Final Thoughts

The ACOPOWER 150Wh 40,800mAh Portable Generator comes with fantastic features, which makes it a fantastic option for customers. With high temperature resistance, Battery Management System (BMS), gas-free operations, noiseless functioning and versatile powering capability, it can be a terrific choice for backup power for you.

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