Chafon 346WH Portable Battery Backup Review

Chafon 346WH Portable UPS Battery Backup Review

The Chafon 346WH Portable UPS is a rechargeable power and battery backup source that is a fantastic power source loved by buyers. It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications. You can use it as a traditional power adapter and UPS for protecting all types of electronic devices, such as laptop, smartphone etc, as well as for emergency power requirements at home.

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The UPS comes with a battery management system for protecting every appliance that is connected to it, including phones, laptops, tablets, PlayStation and mini fridges. This backup power device weighs only 7.4 pounds, and is compact in size. It has an ergonomic handle that allows you to carry it easily. It has a nice design, and is well built in form.

Dead Battery Help

It consists of a smart car jumper feature that lets you use 300 Amp peak current to kickstart your 12V car. You will not need to deal with a dead battery in your car during long trips.

Emergency Power

The device can be used as a backup source of power for emergencies, camping etc and even for jumpstarting your vehicle. The battery management system of the unit allows full protection for every appliance that is connected to it.

Buying Recommendation

The Chafon 346WH Portable UPS comes with some amazing features that are the best in its class. It has a compact design that allows easy portability, power adapter for safeguarding devices and surge protection feature that make it a fantastic option for customers.


  • Other than power supply, it can also aid in visibility. It consists of robust LED flashlight built into its design and offers light for cabins, camps etc and for abrupt power outages.
  • It offers surge protection and battery backup for a wide range of devices, including workstations, desktop PC, home entertainment systems and networking devices.
  • It can keep your valuable PlayStation, music files, videos, photos and documents from damage or loss due to an outage.
  • You do not need any gasoline for running the unit, as it is powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • The unit can also be charged from a 40W-100W solar panel, 12V cigarette charger cable for cars, wall AC outlet etc.
  • It comes with environmental protection, Over-charger Overload protection and short circuit protection. It is made of fire-resistant material.


  • The device runs with a lithium battery that runs at 11.5 V rather than 12 V, which makes voltage reduce after some hours of running the UPS.


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