Honda EU2000I review

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter Review

The Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter comes from the globally renowned brand Honda. It is loved by customers as it comes with the promise of user-friendliness, noiseless operations and superior performance. It is a fantastic option for camping and domestic power supply requirements.

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It is portable in size, and can easily be carried around to power your electronic appliances and devices. The built-in handle with an ergonomic design allows easy maneuvering of the generator to any event.

Compact Size

This is a compact unit, and is only 46 pounds in weight with an empty tank. It is 20.2 inches by 11.4 inches by 16.7 inches in overall dimensions. Just like any other 4-stroke engine, it has an isolated oil reservoir having a fuel tank of 0.95 gallon and 0.42 quarters capacity.


The sine wave inverter technology helps the generator offer clean power, similar to wall outlets within homes. You can get stable and dependable power for running computers, tablets, phones and other sensitive electronic equipment.


It comes with a powerful Oil Alert feature that shuts off the engine to safeguard the generator once the level of oil falls too low.

Buying Recommendation

The Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter is a reliable backup power unit, and can be the best option for clean power and a dependable performance. This robust generator comes with innovative technologies such as sine wave inverter technology and advanced noise reduction design that makes it a joy to work with.


  • It is very fuel efficient, and can run for 8.1 hours in “Eco-Throttle” mode with a single gallon of oil. In a little less than a gallon, you can a 3.4-hour runtime without any interruptions.
  • It has an easy pull starter system and can make the inverter generator begin in a smooth way. The pull-start mechanism is a refined one, and can allow kick-starting the generator easily. With only one pull, you can fire up your engine.
  • It has a high grade industrial design, which makes it very noiseless in operations. Due to the advanced noise reduction design, it runs very quietly. It can be used to offer additional / backup power at home, as well as in excursion or camping spots.
  • It is only 46 pounds in overall weight, and is portable and very light in form. You can carry it anywhere you like.


  • It is slightly more expensive as compared to other models.


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