1.8KW Solar Power Generator – 120V Output – Instant Start Gasoline Generator

Made in the us *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO MASTS OR TRAILERS* Solar Generator This solar generator includes 6 solar panels solar charging system battery bank and backup gasoline generator mounted on trailer with outriggers and removable tongue. This 1.8KW solar generator system replenishes 200 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day assuming 5.5 hours of peak charging sunlight. This system delivers 120 volts AC for lighting cameras sensors or other electronics equipment. Solar Panel Assembly This unit is comprised of six 300-watt solar panels generating a total maximum output of 1.8 KW. The panels are mounted to a rotating axis assembly. There are two assemblies one on each side of the solar trailer. The panels can also be rotated until they face inwards which protects the panels right through transport. When deployed the panels are rotated until they face upwards. On most models we offer a locking pin system preset with a winter and summer angle position for the panels. With the intention to optimize the sun capture the panels are set to +/- 15 degrees of the latitude of the trailers location in the world. Houston Texas for example is at latitude of 30 degrees so the winter setting is 45 degrees and the summer setting would be 15 degrees. Whilst this doesnt make a huge difference every little bit helps. Once the panels are set the correct solstice position one section of panel is elevated into position via a manual crank winch system. This sets one set of 3 panels above the other section of three panels so they make a consistent plane angle to the sun. All of the panel deployment can also be done easily by one person since the axis system and manual winch fortify the weight of the panels right through positioning. All of the process takes only some minutes. As a part of the deployment operators will set the 4 outriggers into position by pulling them out and pinning them into position. This will offset the effects of wind on the panels and th


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