1 Panel Solar RAQ

SR-1000 The SR-1000 Single Panel Solar RAQ is a globally patented solar panel mounting solution for residential and commercial roofs, in addition to, ground mounting applications. The RAQ is made of steel so it will possibly deal with heavy snow a lot and high wind zones. It’s UL Rated for mechanical and electrical 2703, in addition to UL Fire Rated – Type I and II. It’s painted black as a normal not as an upgrade, with 1-3 mm of textured powder coat, The RAQ only uses the highest of quality stainless steel hardware all with the same size head for ease of installation. The RAQ, LLC. is proud to offer a 20+ year warranty. The RAQ mounting technologies are designed for ease of use, they connect together identical to train track which increases the speed of installation, but it’s so simple that anybody can now install their own solar array! SR-0700 START BRACKET IS INCLUDED


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