13 Watt General Purpose Solar Module

Delivering a peak 13.5 watts, this single-crystal, tempered glass module turns out to be useful for any 12-volt charging applications. Options come with weathertight construction, a robust anodized aluminum frame with four adjustable mounting tabs, an ordinary 36 cells in series, built-in reverse-current diode, and seven-foot wire pigtail output with colored-coded clips. Just right for trickle battery recharging on RVs, farm equipment, boats, and an ideal fit with the Aquasolar 700 pump for backyard fountains. China. Rated Watts: 13 watts @ 25 degree C Rated Power: 17.5 volts. 710 mA Open circuit Volts: 18.0 volts @ 25 degree C Short Circuit Amps: 750 mA @ 25 degree C L x W x D: 15.1″ x 14.4″ x 1.0″ Construction: single crystal, tempered glass Guaranty: 90 Days Weight: 3.5lb/1.6 kg


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