5 Watt Mini Do-it-Yourself Solar Energy Kit

That is the very best do-it-yourself solar kit for small applications or for solar experimenting. The 5 watt solar panel charges the small 12V 1.2AH sealed battery (SLA). Kit includes 5 Watt framed solar panel, battery, charge controller, fuse holder, female lighter socket and wiring. Comes with easy assembly instructions.

Keep in a sunny location all over the day and use each time you want power for LED lighting fixtures and other small charging needs like cell phones, pda’s, iPod, AA/AAA.

Our 18 LED 12V bulb uses .9 Watts.
In 5 hours of sun, .29A (solar panel current) X 5 hrs = 1.45 amp-hours per day X 12V = about 17 watt-hours per day of solar power to make use of.
At .9 Watts for the LED bulb, you have to run it for over 18 hours a day!
Even if completely drained, the small battery will fill up in about 4 hours of sun.


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