Amtrak Solar Water Fountain Pump with 35W Solar Panel

Free solar energy
Runs all day as long as it is sunny
Powerful solar DC pump

This solar pump is designed to be easy to put in and use. The water fountain will come on robotically as soon as the sun comes and will run all day. This solar-powered pump saves money and energy and can be utilized within the day. Features: Water solar pump is designed for fountain, pond or outside use. Powered by solar: Does not costs any money to operate and free energy. Specifications – 1. Solar module: 35 watt. 2. Water pump operation voltage: DC 12 volt 3 Amps. 3. Water lift: As much as 10 feet water height. 4. Water glide capacity: 1100 gallons per hour.
Free solar power
Runs all day so long as it’s sunny
Powerful solar DC pump
Powerful 35 watt solar panel will last for 25 years


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