Boutique recommended solar fountain BSV-SP100 garden-style solar fountain

Type Other brands Other models BSV-SP100 Material Engineering Plastic Drive Mode Magnetic Performance Automatic Use other conveying medium water pump pump shaft position horizontal Impeller Number Single Stage Drift 100-350 (m3 / h) Head 2.5 (m) one. Administrator Preface:     This specification describes the appearance and electrical parameters of BSV-SP100. two. Product Description: This product uses solar photovoltaic effect, resulting in electricity during the controller to drive the water pump. three. Scope of application:       This product is suitable for out of doors landscape, decorative fish pond rockery and other decoration. four. Appearance features:      Solar panel size: 340 * 260 * 18MM      Material; glass plate aluminum alloy frame      Pump size: 102 * 5.8 * 7.8MM      Material; engineering plastics      Product net weight: 1.36KG      Product gross weight: 1.45KG 5. Electrical parameters:    1. Solar panel parameters:     Open circuit voltage: 17V     Short circuit current: 600MA     Rated power: 10 W     Low light test voltage (1000LUX): 17 V    2. Pump parameters:      Pump type: brushless DC submersible pump      Operating voltage: 6-24 V      Maximum output power: 10 W (in response to solar panel output power).      Pump head: 2.5 M or more      Pump Drift: 100-350 L / H      Water pump height: 30-200 CM (depending on sunshine intensity)      Cable length: 3 meters six. Instructions to be used:     The solar panels can also be fixed within the sun for a very long time consistent with the place where the sun, the water pump placed within the water. All over the day when the sun can drive the pump to work.


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