Generic Semi-flexible Solar Panel Fiber Material 75 Watt


75w12v flexible solar panels, 100% Brand New, come with diodes, Come with MC4 connector,professional color packing


1. Light weight

2. Thin, 2.5mm only

3. Flexible, flexible as much as 30% across their length, ideal to be used on curved surfaces.

4. Durable, can also be walked on if installed on a rigid surface.

5. Salt-water-resistant fully

6. High efficiency

7. They allow a very simple installation, also suitable for mobility and installations on motor home surfaces.

We will produce the flexible solar panel size and the junctiob box location by customer¡¯s request.


Highly efficient monocrystalline cells

Laminated for weather resistance

Laminated with oxide Fiberglass + ETFE + Silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar

Size: 1070, 570, 2.5mm

Pmax: 75w

Open circuit voltage (Voc): 20.7V

Optimum power voltage (VMP):18V

Short circuit current (Isc):4.58A

Max operating current (IMP): 4.17A

Torrence: +_5%

Maximum system voltage: 1000V

Weight: 3.8kgs


In case you are planning to make use of this solar panel for charging a 12V battery or battery bank: please note this panel requires a solar charge controller / regulator to give protection to overcharge and discharge.

Water resistant


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