Milbank MPG2000IP Digital Inverter Portable Generator

Light weight, ergonomically designed 43lbs
11 hr. run time @ half load
2 year warranty

Ideal for the contractor at the go or outdoorsy weekend warrior. Milbank’s digital inverters supply reliable, quiet and clean energy for all sensitive electronic wishes. The 4-cycle gasoline-powered inverters supply two 120v, AC shops. The mpg2000ip features: Double insulated acoustic hood, 12 volt power outlet, dual muffler design, power indicator Gentle, AC overload reset and occasional oil shut down. Run time at 1/2 load is 11 hours and sound output ranges from 53-59 dba nl/fl. Tool kit and oil bottle included.
Gentle weight, ergonomically designed 43lbs
11 hr. run time @ part load
2 year guaranty
Easily link 2 with an inverter parallel cord
Top potency run mode


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