Portable Solar Panel Suitcase

Powereco Solar Suitcase – Two How you can Keep the Power Recharged

First: charge the solar generator with MC4 Adapter

The first step: Cast off the MC4 Connectors – without tools, it takes 10 seconds
Step two: Connect the MC4 Adapter on your generator
Please note: Handiest make a selection the generator or battery inverter with charge controller fiting for the max voltage 23.5V and max current 6A

Second:charge your lead acid battary

The first step: check your battery’s type. This solar panel with charge controller would charge the 12deep cycle battery typed in “GEL” “FLOODED” “AGM” “SEALED”, and Sealed is as default mode.
Step two: For sealed battery, please connect the clamps on your battery’s positive (red clip) and negative (black clip). It takes not up to 1 mins. If the battery isn’t sealed, the use of the setting in manual, make a selection your battery’s type and begin to charge your battery in 5 mins.


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