PowerFilm Solar OEM Module [email protected] MP3-75 (10/pkg)

thin film solar provides 100mA at 3V in full sunlight
10 modules per pack
Thin, lightweight, and flexible yet durable

Solar modules used for OEM parts and products where an integrated power source is wanted. These small flexible modules can be utilized in plenty of electronic applications, and are sold in packs of 10. Each and every module offers 100mA @ 3V when exposed in full daylight. Use for integration in OEM parts or products where a solar energy source is wanted. Easiest for models, prototypes, or inventions requiring power. Great for hobbyists!
Skinny film solar supplies 100mA at 3V in full daylight
10 modules per pack
Skinny, lightweight, and versatile yet durable
Integrate into existing or prototype electronics
Made in Ames, Iowa by PowerFilm Solar.


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