Power Wizard PW50S solar-powered, low impedance electric fence energizer controls 1-3 acres or 1-5 miles of fence wire. The PW 50S solar fence energizer is really useful for small animals with limited use for cattle and horses. 6 V battery included and installed; 0.06 joule output. Features easy battery check, which lets you resolve the battery voltage within 15 seconds of turning on energizer, and battery saver, which senses low battery voltage and extends pulse-off time to conserve battery. The PW 50 S also includes a built-in take care of for simple transport and a built-in mount for t-, round and wood posts, and flat surfaces. Easy to service. 3 year warranty.Only Power Wizard energizers feature cutting-edge ultra low impedance technology to increase energy output to care for consistent shock power on fence lines which have deteriorated or change into heavily weeded. Every Power Wizard energizer also features high performance digital technology, rugged all-weather construction, an internal lightning shield, big easy-grip knobs and heavy-duty, long life construction.


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