Solar Powered Generator – 18 Kilowatt Max Output – 120/240VAC 3 Phase – 19′ Trailer Config.

Made in The usa Compliant The SPG18KW-19-120 Solar Power Generator from Larson Electronics is a towable power generation unit powered and charged by solar arrays containing 36 Kyocera high efficiency multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. This unit offers 120- 240 3 Phase VAC 18 kilowatt max output quiet standalone operation and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation. This 18 kilowatt solar powered generator recharges 16 Sun Xtender Batteries which power 3 Outback Power System inverters to supply 120V AC 10 amp 50 amp 240V AC and 240V AC 3 phase for operating tools lighting and other electrical equipment. This unit also provides 12V DC current which it makes to be had via a jumper cable connection USB connection and a convenient cigarette lighter connection port. Max output is 18 kw with a constant output of 10.8 kw for four hours or 10.5 kw for eight hours. Compared to an on a regular basis diesel unit this new solar panel can save the operator thousands in only a few months. Making an allowance for that an average diesel power generator unit costs approximately 6 000 dollars a month to run and deal with; the SPG18KW-19-120 Solar Power Generator could pay for itself in only a few short months by removing the need for refueling. This solar power generator is designed to provide 120-240 VAC power for all kinds of applications and is ideal for the Larson Electronics range of 110-120V lighting products. 12V DC capability allows users to connect low voltage 12 volt DC LED lighting spotlights and electronics as well without the need for additional hardware. Especially in situations such as entertainment events work areas and other applications where the equipment should be placed close to the benefactors the elimination of noise and fumes normally associated with diesel generators is a great benefit. In any case solar power generators offer a low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel powe


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