SolarFlat Panel by Brunton

214838 Features: Charge up any device, out of your boat or RV battery on your DVD player with an amorphous, skinny film panel that works in low-light prerequisites and overcast days Rigid, durable aluminum frame is built with a unique UV inhibitor that makes the panel less liable to warmth damage; solar cells are encased in shatter proof glass Depending at the panel size, get 12 volts of output for the two- and 5-watt sizes and 24 volts of output for the 15-watt size Features a 10-foot cable, vehicle cable, battery clamps, and link adapter cable (SF 15) Specifications: Weight: 1 lb 148 oz (2 watt); 3 lb 154 oz (5 watt); 10 lb 2 oz (15 watts) Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 075 inches (2 watt); 16 x 14 x 075 inches (5 watt); 14 x 48 x 075 (15 watt) Output: 12V or 24V (2 watt); 12V or 24V (5 watt); 12V (15 watt) Power to current: 2 watts at 140 mA (2 watt); 5 watts at 350 mA (5 watt); 15 watts at 1000 mA (15 watt)


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