TR Solar Portable Solar Power System 10W

1) Sun panel: mono/polycrystalline 10W 1pc

2) Sun battery Sealed leTR-acid: 6V/12AH 2pcs

3) Sun Keep watch over machine controller: 10A 1pc

4) Keep watch over field: 1pc

5) Output: DC 12V:12V/10A 1pc

6) USB 5V: 5V/500mA 1pcv

7) ReTRing card acoustics: Loudspeakers 4R/10W 1pc

8) SD, TFT card,UDisk: Improve 2.56M/8G

9) Infrared Faraway Keep watch over 1PC

10) RTRio: FM87.five-108 1pc

11) Top Energy LED Lamp: 12V/3W 12V/zero.25A 1PC


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