WaveSol Light 45 Watt 24 Volt Solar Panel

* 45 watt, 24 volt lightweight, flexible rugged CIGS Solar Panel. * No glass or solar cells to wreck. * Nominal Power (Pmax in Watts) 45 * Voltage at Pmax (Vmp in Volts) 33.3 * Current at Pmax (Imp in Amps) 1.35 * Open Circuit Voltage (Voc in Volts) 47.1 * Short Circuit Current (Isc in Amps) 1.6 * Length 1879 ±5mm * Width 350 ±5mm * Weight 1.4 kg * Thickness 1.2 ± 0.5 mm (apart from junction box) * Junction Box Class IP65 with bypass diode * Output Cables 300 mm Length (minimum) * Output Connectors MC4 Compatible ** Ascent SOLAR produces leading-edge CIGS photovoltaic technology on flexible, plastic substrate. Ascent’s distinctive monolithic integration process enables the best possible level of efficiency, durability & weight savings representing the prospective to change into the way in which solar energy can be utilized in on a regular basis life. Ascent Solar’s Research and Development and its 30 MW nameplate production facility is in Thornton, Colorado.


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