Pulsar PG10000 review

Pulsar PG10000 10,000W Portable Gas-Powered Generator with Electric Start Review

The Pulsar PG10000 Peak Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator is a wonderful backup power source that consumers are looking for. It is powerful in operations and has been designed to handle power supply requirements in domestic as well as in outdoor areas.

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At regular half load setting, it can run for a long time of 12 hours. It consists of a 2-stroke motor that is air-cooled and also consists of a fan that can lower the inside temperature and prevent overheating of the motor.

Clean Power

The Pulsar PG10000 has a 10,000W starting rating and an equally high maximum rated output. It can be used to power lights, phone, microwave, refrigerator, stove, computer and various other types of appliances. It consists of a 12V DC outlet that allows you to charge batteries easily, and is nice to have on your boat or RV to charge appliances or have backup electrical power.

Quiet Mode

When used in Quiet mode, it only produces 77dB noise – which makes it fairly quiet in operations.

Buying Recommendation


  • The generator is lightweight and you can transport it with ease from one spot to another. It has an easy-carry handle with ergonomic design, which lets you grab and pull it with convenience.
  • It is low-cost, which makes it ideal for you if you have a tight budget.
  • As it has a compact design, you can take it along for fishing or hunting trips without worrying about having it damaged. It can last for a long time and keep serving your needs for emergency or backup power needs.
  • This cord has an ergonomic handle that helps you keep a grip as you pull. Its recoil start cuts back on the snapping feeling that you would otherwise feel.
  • The manual start feature of the device lets you turn it on easily, similar to a lawnmower. There is a cord projecting from the side, and pulling on it can start it immediately.


  • It is not ideal to be used for powering heavier and larger home appliances. Also, there is no user manual to offer instructions.

Final Thoughts

With its fantastic features, the Pulsar PG10000 Peak 8000W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator can be a fantastic option for customers. It is portable, can be recharged easily and is noiseless in operations – and you will find it to be a fantastic backup power source for your residential or outdoor powering needs.


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