Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator Review

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator Power Source Power Inverter Review

The RockPals 250-Watt Portable Generator Power Source Power Inverter is a backup power source that customers are in search of, and has been designed to offer power for homes, camping sites, travel purposes etc. The solar generator comes from the brand Rockpals, which is known for making high quality portable generator units.

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RockPals Features

It has been built to offer 250W power, and can charge up laptops, tablets, TV, fans, CPAP device, lights, mini-refrigerator, lights and more. The CPAP has a DC/DC converter that can help the generator to run for more time.


It is just 5.5 pounds in overall weight, and can be transported with convenience across rooms as well as taken along for travel to campsites and other areas. Even the lithium polymer battery pack is lightweight.

Solar Generator

This is a solar generator, and you can recharge it from wall outlets as well as from the sun by using any 100W or 50W solar panel that is compatible. When charged fully, it can run for a total time span of 8 hours.As it runs gas-free, it does not produce any fumes. It is an eco-friendly choice for people who like to contribute to the “Green” movement.

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  • It runs quietly, although the cooling fan located on its side makes a little noise during the operations. However, it is soundless enough to be used during the wee hours of the morning or late at night without disturbing neighbors.
  • With a light weight and an easy carry handle, it lets you transport it with convenience. It has perfect size and shape for travel purposes, and can be stored in small spaces as well.
  • This is a compact and strong device, and has been drop-tested to check the strength and sturdiness. It has a fireproof shell that can keep the generator protected from the rigors of travel.
  • The lithium battery pack lasts for a long time, and holds charge well, which makes the unit a solid backup power system.


  • The device recharges for a very long time. It takes 7 – 15 hours to be charged, with solar charging taking longer and based on how bright the day is.

Final Thoughts

The 250-Watt Portable Generator Power Source Power Inverter proves to be a fantastic backup power generator for consumers due to its powerful features. It has almost everything that you can look for in a modern portable generator and inverter today.

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